Dr Agata Ignaciuk’s personal website: >>

Publications resulting from the project:

  • Agata Ignaciuk: Innovation and maladjustment. Contraceptive technologies in state-socialist Poland, 1950s-1970s. Technology and Culture (2022). >>
  • Agata Ignaciuk: In sickness and in health. Expert discussions on abortion indications, risks and patient-doctor relationship in postwar Poland. Bulletin of the History of Medicine (2021). >>
  • Agata Ignaciuk: No Man’s Land? Gendering Contraception in Family Planning Advice Literature in State-Socialist Poland (1950s–1980s), Social History of Medicine (2019). >>
  • Agata Ignaciuk, Laura Kelly: Contraception and Catholicism in the Twentieth Century: Transnational Perspectives on Expert, Activist and Intimate Practices. Medical History 64 (2) (2020): 163-172. >>
  • Sylwia Kuźma-Markowska, Agata Ignaciuk: Family Planning Advice in State-Socialist Poland, 1950s–80s: Local and Transnational Exchanges. Medical History 64 (2) (2020): 240-266. >> Accepted manuscript version available in CEON repository

Selected earlier publications in English and Polish:

  • Agata Ignaciuk: Paradox of the Pill: Oral Contraceptives in Spain and Poland
    (1960s–1970s), in: Children by Choice? Changing Values, Reproduction, and Family Planning in the 20th Century; Eds.: Ann-Katrin Gembries, Theresia Theuke, Isabel Heinemann; De Gruyter Oldenbourg Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston 2018. 
  • Agata Ignaciuk: Love in the Time of El Generalísimo: Debates About the Pill in Spain Before and After Humanae Vitae >>
  • Agnieszka Kościańska: Humanae Vitae, Birth Control and the Forgotten History of the Catholic Church in Poland >>
  • Antykoncepcja hormonalna w Polsce w latach sześćdziesiątych i siedemdziesiątych >>
  • Debaty na tematy aborcji i antykoncepcji we Włoszech w latach 70. XX w. – analiza dyskursu feministycznego na przykładzie pisma “Effe” >>
  • Clueless about contraception: the introduction and circulation of the contraceptive pill in state-socialist Poland (1960s-1970s) >>
  • „Ten szkodliwy zabieg”. Dyskursy na temat aborcji w publikacjach Towarzystwa Świadomego Macierzyństwa/ Towarzystwa Planowania Rodziny (1956–1980) >>
  • Doctors, women and the circulation of knowledge of oral contraceptives in Spain, 1960s-1970s >>
  • ”Pregnancy and labour cause more deaths than oral contraceptives”: The debate on the pill in the Spanish press in the 1960s and 1970s >>
  • The family planning movement in Spain during the democratic transition >>
  • Zobaczyć łosia. Historia polskiej edukacji seksualnej od pierwszej lekcji do internetu >>
  • Stigmatisation and commercialisation of abortion services in Poland: turning sin into gold >>